How It Works

Having your business portrait taken with Heather Sams Fine Portraits is easy.

Call us at 719-930-8126 to plan your studio session.
We’ll agree on a time, give you directions and discuss any concerns you have about what to wear.  We’ll also talk about when you need your completed portrait and how you will use it, so that you can choose the best portrait package for your needs.
Come for your portrait session and choose your images.
Heather will compose the lighting, shadow and posing to bring out your best.  Be sure to tell her if you have concerns about how your portrait will look.  She knows how to bring out the features you like best and minimize others.  She will ask you to pose in very specific ways, such as tilting your head or moving your hands.  This may feel strange, but rest assured that this is part of the art of portrait photography and will result in a beautiful portrait.

You will select your portrait(s) from the photographs Heather has taken immediately following the session.  You’ll have a chance to see all of them and she will help you choose the one(s) best suited for your specific needs.

Receive your retouched portraits a few days later!
A few days later, we will deliver the portrait(s) in the format(s) for the package you’ve chosen.

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